Mobit reaches one billion clicks in six months

Matomy’s mobile media buying platform Mobit is now tracking more than 30 million clicks per month, having recently reached its ‘one billion clicks’ milestone after launching July last year.
Mobit, which is tied to Matomy’s partnership with real time ad experts Appnexus, is designed to help affiliates and media buyers improve the performance of multiple mobile ad campaigns. Matomy claims its platform can offer sophisticated tracking, measurement and analysis of campaigns from all CPA networks, and provide access to Matomy’s network of 5,000 active offers. The video below provides an overview of some of it’s features:
Mobit Video Introduction

We caught-up with senior VP of mobile advertising Erez Gross, who said Mobit is an attempt to address the lack of ‘one-stop-shops’ for mobile affiliates and mobile media buyers.

Erez Gross headshot-1
“We had a very simple purpose in mind when building Mobit: we wanted to provide affiliates and media buyers with an end-to-end mobile media buying campaign tracking, reporting and analysis tool. As a performance-based marketing company, we noticed before we launched Mobit that it was very difficult for affiliates and media buyers to effectively improve the performance of the mobile campaigns they are running and to track those campaigns.”

With Mobit working on any CPA network, Erez says developers running app promotion campaigns are particularly well-served.

“Mobile app developers that run and manage user-acquisition campaigns from Mobit have the ability to optimize their campaigns in real time by carrier, operating system, device and more. In addition, they can see in real time how their offers are converting, giving app developers and their media partners the ability to change course or ramp up a specific offer based on the analytics they are seeing within Mobit.”

Matomy says Mobit has also clocked-up over six million conversions since launching in July 2013 and more than 100 affiliates and publishers have used the platform. It sounds pretty good to us; the more tools available to help drive more measurable ROI in mobile advertising the better.

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