MobileBridge boosts in-app content creation modules for mobile marketers

In-app marketing provider, MobileBridge, just unveiled new functionalities for its native content creation module to help brands engage with audiences through their apps on a contextual basis. Added functionality includes 360⁰ imaging, which allows advertisers to rotate product images; awarding mobile loyalty points as well as rewards based on in-app actions, and the ability to tie engagement to in-app usage patterns.
MobileBridge provides a full in-app Mobile Marketing Automation solution
MobileBridge’s in-app Mobile Marketing Automation solution enables marketers to create in-app content faster, but at the same time lets them manage their customer engagement through relevant content, better targeting users through opt-in data and iBeacons for location.
One automotive client who tested the new solution, sent in-app invites to relevant customers, offering a branded jacket upon completion of a test drive in the advertised car. Similarly, a health and wellness company targeted its app users with a digital scratch-card game and location-aware coupons calling them in-store for redemption. Of those who received the game, 72% engaged and 7.8% converted and bought in-store. Eyal Oster, CEO and Founder, MobileBridge, explains:

“This retailer enjoyed strong engagement and conversion rates because they offered personalized content which was timely, fun and relevant to the user’s preferences, profile and location. By working with MobileBridge customers, I’ve seen how in-context, timely, engaging and fun content – created in minutes in our system – can improve app performance by 40-70% as it moves prospects through the customer journey.”

He adds that marketers are still not taking full advantage of their in-app advertising capabilities. App-based offers, rich media content as well as location-based targeting are all tools to ensure a smoother user experience and ultimately higher engagement rates which lead from app to store. He adds:

“It’s just a question of making the user experience engaging and fun. But it’s not just about sending push notifications, but rather about getting the visuals right, the context right and the experience right.”

MobileBridge was founded in 2012 and includes clients such as Nestlé, Pirelli, Tivall, Sabra, DigitasLBi and Forbes Digital Commerce.

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