Mobile video advertising is booming

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According to latest findings by mobile ad platform Opera Mediaworks, mobile video advertising is on the rise, with impressions delivered by Opera jumping five times from 2.5% in 2014 to 12.8% in 2015. The rise is in line with a 55% jump in video ad revenue delivered to publishers.
Video ad impressions delivered by Opera jumped 5x from 2014 to 2015
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The findings are part of Opera Mediawork’s own network. However, being one of the largest independent mobile advertising companies, having surpassed $100m in revenue in Q4 2014, the company has a reach of over one billion monthly impressions. This makes the results of this study all the more significant.
Factoring in operating systems, impression (57%) and completion rates (87%) on iOS were both at least 10% higher than those on Android.
iOS lead in mobile impressions and completion rates
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Perhaps unsurprisingly, given better advertising budgets to deliver high quality videos, the US leads in video impressions per unique users, followed by Canada and the UK.
Video impressions are strong in the US
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In terms of devices, the iPad leads the field, generating the highest revenue per impression. During Q1 2015, it’s monetisation share was 4x that of its traffic volume.
The iPad has the strongest monetisation potential
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Commenting on these findings, Will Kassoy, CMO, Opera says:

“The key question is how do you drive marketing effectiveness and efficiency. The brands that are more advanced and sophisticated are moving from awareness — like TV — to some form of engagement…which would lead to learning more about a product or service, and ultimately to a purchase.”

In addition, the report found that movie and TV marketers spend the most money on video advertising. The format is also popular among automotive campaigns.
Entertainment campaigns generate more video impressions and spend more revenue on video formats
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For campaign creators the success of video advertising on mobile devices is exciting new territory, but one that requires acknowledgement for budgets and strategies to be shifted.

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