Mobile users spent 23% more on app and in-app purchases during Q3 2019

Anne Freier | October 14, 2019

App Business

Mobile users spent around $21.9 billion on apps in Apple’s App Store and Google Play during the third quarter of 2019 – an increase of 22.9% year-on-year, according to the latest data from Sensor Tower.

App Store user spending was up 22.3% to $14.2 billion during Q3 2019 whilst Google Play generated 24% more revenue ($7.7 billion).

Overall, App Store sales made up 65% of total app store spending across both stores, whilst Google accounted for 35%.

But Google Play generated three-times more first-time app installs in the latest quarter, whilst first-time installs on the App Store rose 5.3% year-on-year.

Downloads were up 9.7% to 29.6 billion in Q3 2019.

But in China – one of the dominant markets for app downloads – download growth declined 6% due to licensing issues. However, revenue growth remained strong at a rise of 26.9% to $4.1 billion in the country.

Tinder continues to rank highest for non-gaming apps with a revenue of $233 million, an increase of 7% year-on-year. YouTube boosted its in-app ad spend by 16% to $164 million.

When it comes to downloads, TikTok still ranks among the top three, breaking Facebook’s dominance. In Q3 2019, the app saw 177 million downloads and now ranks second among the most downloaded apps during the quarter just below WhatsApp.

Mobile game revenues rose 20% to $16.3 billion with games representing 74% of total in-app spending, down slightly from 76% in Q3 2018. App Store users spent more on games ($9.8 billion) than Google Play users ($5.4 billion).

Combined downloads for both app stores rose 17.6% from 9.5 billion in 2018 to 11.1 billion in Q3 2019.

Google Play game downloads increased to 78% from 76% year-on-year whilst Apple saw a decrease to 22%.

The top gaming app for revenue was PUBG Mobile by Tencent, whilst the top game for downloads was Fun Race 3D by Good Job Games.

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