Mobile users spent $1.27 billion on video-on-demand apps in 2018

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. January 25, 2019

US mobile users spent roughly $1.27 billion on the top 10 subscription video-on-demand apps in 2018, according to new data from Sensor Tower, representing a 62% growth from 2017 ($781 million).

In total, the top 10 video-on-demand apps accounted for 22% of all non-game app spending in the US in 2018. Their combined growth rate of 62% outpaced all non-game app spend, which increased 56% over 2017.

The results highlight that subscription-based mobile video apps have increased in popularity rapidly, with spending now three times that of 2016.

Netflix was the top-ranking app in terms of consumer spending at $529 million from in-app subscriptions and a growth of 81% from 2017. YouTube ranked second at $223 million in earnings, growing even faster at 114% from $104 million in 2017.

In-app spend for HBO Now increased 12% compared to 2017 to $166 million, whilst Hulu and YouTube TV grew 68% and 419%, respectively.