Mobile usage survey finds 69% of ad requests coming via WiFi

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. December 20, 2018

New research by AdColony finds that mobile phones continue to be the dominant devices used by consumers throughout their day (82%) compared to tablets (18%).

However, WiFi is their primary data source with 69% of ad requests coming through WiFi compared to 23% on mobile data.

Meanwhile, Apple still leads when it comes to mobile monetisation (33%), closely followed by Samsung (29%). For advertisers this means that ensuring relatively broad OS and platform coverage is important and reaching a range of consumers.

Over the last few years, the industry has also noted an increase in mobile phone usage during the evening hours – shifting away from traditional media consumption such as TV. And although television remains a dominant media in many households, people are now paying attention to the small screens during primetime hours.

Furthermore, the findings reveal that transparency is still a key driver of many marketers’ decision-making process.

It’s worth bearing that in mind when choosing an ad service or programmatic provider.