Mobile to beat desktop for the first time ever in holiday season online shopping race

Andy Boxall | November 28, 2016

App Business


For the first time, mobile devices will pass desktop computers as the most popular way to shop online over the holiday season in the U.S.. This is according to Adobe, in research that shows mobile will grab a 53% share of online store visits, and a 34% share of sales.

Mobile will overtake desktop in 2016 online holiday shopping activity

adobe sales

Splitting these figures into devices shows mobile will take 45% of the visits, with the rest accessed from tablets, and for sales, 25% will come from mobile. The considerable growth comes from larger retailers that have invested in mobile, email, and social technology, which have seen a 30% boost in sales.

Adobe comments on conversions, saying:

“Conversions improved over holiday averages, with smartphones at 2.4 percent, tablets at 4.6 percent and desktops at 5.5 percent (compared to holiday averages of 1.3, 2.9 and 3.2 percent, respectively). The average order value (AOV) on iOS smartphones ($142) was higher compared to Android smartphones ($130).”

Adobe has published more of its holiday retail research here.

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