Mobile to attract 53.9% of programmatic video ad spend in 2020

Programmatic video is predicted to attract $29.24 billion in ad spend to account for almost half (49.2%) of all US programmatic digital display ad expenditure.

According to the latest forecast by research analysts eMarketer, programmatic video growth is going to remain steady until 2021 (49.9%).

The latest update includes revised figures  from September 2018, when eMarketer estimated that US programmatic spend would represent 48.7% of all US programmatic to account for programmatic spend on connected TV, over-the-top video and social advertising.

“The near 50-50 split of spending is an indicator of how eager buyers and sellers have become to capitalise on video advertising in any and all forms,” explained Lauren. Fisher, eMarketer principal analyst. “And it also speaks to how quickly both sides have embraced programmatic as the primary method for buying and selling these ads.”

Additionally, social media programmatic video ad revenues will account for around one third of total programmatic video ad spend.

Mobile is playing a key role in attracting a majority of programmatic video expenditure reaching 53.9% in 2020. However, from 2021, eMarketer expects other areas such as connected TV to dip into mobile’s share of video.

TV platforms such as YouTube and Hulu are already attracting major attention and investment which will lead to a slight dip in video spend being transacted programmatically in 2020 (81.2%)  compared to in 2019 (84.9%).

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