Mobile shopping was up 68% in 2019

Last year was a great year for mobile and online retailers with shoppers increasing their spending using mobile devices by 68%.

That’s an increase of 38% in total number of orders per shoppers, according to the latest findings by mobile commerce optimisation platform Button.

Overall installs rose 106% in 2019 compared to 2018 and conversion rates jumped 12%.

“The official start of the commerce era is here. For companies today, the new frontier isn’t a battle for browsing or search—it’s a battle to be the starting point for commerce,” said Michael Jaconi, Co-Founder and CEO of Button. “Companies that control the start of the buyer journey can influence what people buy, where they buy from, and how they pay. Heading into 2020, the companies that lean in on mobile’s increasing status as a lean-in, action-oriented platform will emerge at the top.”

Apps outpaced mobile web as a favourite among many shoppers in terms of conversions (86%) and orders per customer (27%). App instals were 46% higher over the holidays than the rest of 2019.

New customers spent an average $75 per order compared to active customers who spent $41 per order. In addition, new customers made up 81% of all customers over the holiday season, contributing 52% of all holiday spending.

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