Mobile search spend increase 55%, IgnitionOne report finds

ignition one
Marketing cloud service IgnitionOne, just published its Q2 2016 Digital Marketing Report, which highlights the steady trends and changes in digital ad metrics. Whilst the first quarter of the year signified a decrease in US paid search spend for the second time since 2009, down 1% year-on-year, mobile has continued to dominate the space, with spending up 55%.
IgnitionOne dashboard
Google is pushing ahead of Facebook in Q2, with spending increased by 35% compared to 22% on Facebook.
One of the reasons for mobile search’s growth may be the lower costs associated with mobile ads, compared to desktop or tablet campaigns.
Programmatic display was found to be fairly flat with a growth of 1% the year over.
The report goes on to explore the decline in website visitors among European clients at 21% down. However, that doesn’t mean communication is worse. On the contrary, whilst visits may be slowing, engagement with highly targeted audiences is on the rise, driving leads up 41% overall.
Will Margiloff, CEO, IgnitionOne, explains:
will margiloff

“Marketers are increasingly sophisticated in their digital strategy as the industry matures. Large swings in metrics that used to be the norm are giving way to a game of inches as the focus shifts to optimization and real, tangible results. But make no mistake, every inch counts.”

IgnitionOne digital marketing results are based on the company’s client sets. It now manages over $1.5bn in digital spend and tracks $30bn in revenue for customers.

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