Mobile Rich Media and In-Stream Video formats score higher for completion and engagement rates

Anne Freier | February 23, 2016

Mobile Advertising

rhythm one
Tech media company, RhythmOne, recently released its Full Year 2015 Mobile Advertising Benchmarks Reportwhich highlights engagement and completion rates across its mobile video and rich media ad formats. Based on data from US mobile programmes with 20 advertiser categories, it discusses five advertising formats: Interactive In-Stream Video, In-Stream Video, Interstitial Video, Mobile Full Page, and Mobile Rich Media.
Among key findings, RhythmOne highlights that Mobile Rich Media (93.7%) and In-Stream Video (87.4%) score highest for video completion and engagement rates.
Mobile formats overview
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In-stream video completion rates where highest across sports and fitness, as well as entertainment and travel advertisers.
In-stream video completion rates are highest for sports & fitness advertisers
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However, engagement rates scored top for professional services, books and magazines as well as entertainment. Mobile Full Page ads were found to be great in driving engagement on tablets (14.2%) and Mobile Rich Media drove higher engagement on smartphones (10.7%).
Engagement is highest for professional services
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For video ads, the report found that a significant loss of views happens within the first quarter of a video. Videos that kick off faster and with a strong creative message fare better.
Video ad formats drop-off rates
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RhythmOne also recommends adding an interactive element to a 15-second in-stream video, which can help decrease consumer drop-off. Longer video lengths (30 seconds plus) had a negative impact on VCR.
Dan Slivjanovski, Chief Marketing Officer, RhythmOne, says:
dan slivjanovski

“We have been working with top brands and their agencies on mobile marketing for years. As marketers adjust to the central role smartphones and tablets play in the daily life of every consumer, we are witnessing the channel truly mature. Mobile-first, cross-device executions are taking hold and becoming the new standard. Our mission is to continue to develop innovative mobile and cross-platform formats that engage omni-channel consumers to that our marketers can realize the highest return possible on that engagement.”

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