Mobile rewards start-up Meed launches platform for greater in-game engagement

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. November 9, 2016

Meed, the mobile rewards platform, has just rolled out Meed Tournaments, which helps drive engagement and app awareness through tournaments. It’s a reward system for an app’s best players that allows marketers to coordinate their spending with broader performance and loyalty objectives.
Meed launches Tournaments for Sports in-game rewards
With mobile gaming now expected to reach $115bn by 2020, some app developers are struggling to encourage downloads and engagement.
Scott Lowe, VP of Business Operations, Meed, says:

“Across the app industry, we’re seeing that injecting competition yields outstanding engagement results. With Meed Tournaments, we’re bringing the experience of eSports to mobile, allowing marketers to engage users in ways they’ve never been able to before.”

Meed says that eSports fans are dedicated gamers who tend to search for new games and show off their skills. However, this audience tends to be harder to reach in terms of targeting segments. Meed Tournaments taps into that market, by allowing game publishers to acquire engaged users through competitive tournaments and ensure continued engagement, whilst not disturbing the user experience.
Renatus which tested the new Tournaments solution in beta says:

“We are constantly looking for new sources of user acquisition and have found Meed an incredibly effective partner in these efforts. Meed Tournaments created a fun and competitive environment for our games. In fact, in the first 48 hours of use – a critical period for us – tournament users performed 33% better than organics.”

Tournaments also seeks to encourage long-term playing to drive competition and loyalty among users.
Meed says it’s just the beginning of what it plans to make a larger platform for advertisers to connect to consumers. The start-up, founded in summer 2016, wants to create a full mobile rewards platform. It was founded by a team of developers from FreeMyApps, an app store visibility company launched in 2011 and a sister of Fiksu DSP, drawing on the companies’ data and fraud protection expertise to drive installs and provide more traffic.
Meed will also benefit from Fiksu’s data set of over 3.6bn mobile device profiles including around 90% of iOS and Android devices sold in the US.