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Partner Post - Kimia Mobile Performance Marketing

Posted: May 31, 2016

Our onboarding team has mentioned that sometimes partners are not aware of the formats and options available to them on mobile, specially options that could lead to increased revenue with the same volume of clicks.
Therefore please find below a summary of your options!. (For more detailed information on Popunders and how they are proven to generate a higher CPM, please visit our previous blogpost.
Kimia has been present in the mobile industry for the past 10 years, and in mobile performance marketing for the past 7 years. During this period of time mobile phones have evolved from feature to smartphones, allowing for a more ample variety of methods for mobile traffic advertising, that before were simply limited to “redirect”.
Here are the formats we work with (@ Kimia you don not need to have a mobile optimized website, just let us know) :
Display banners

Traditional display banners in various sizes: 300×250, 320×100, 300×100, 300×50, 468×60, 728×90, etc.
TIPs: Partners test various banner images and texts per angle, to test the best fit. However, do make sure there is some continuity between banner, landing page and offer.
Mobile pop-unders

A full page ad opens in a new browser tab, hidden under the active content tab. This ad format does not interrupt the user experience yet yields higher eCPM revenues than traditional display banner formats.
TIPs: Partners test on pops first and once they have found the best performing offer and LP they then scale through other formats.Pops are also the only option not available on ´adsense, therefore this format is an exclusive opportunity to optimize elsewhere, let´s say Kimia!
*For more information on Pop Unders please visit our blogpost or for more inside strategies contact us directly!

An ad is displayed on top of the active web page. This ad format achieves better engagement and yields the highest eCPM revenues. As it is overlaid on top of content it may be considered more aggressive.

TIPs: This format sometimes yields huge CTRs due to unintended clicks from users. Do not be surprised by the %.
Redirects / Direct links
Redirect format
A simple URL to link from your own banners, buttons or text links. Direct links can also be used to redirect all or part of your incoming mobile traffic.
TIPs: What to say about the pros and cons of this format that most of you do not already know, as these are the most well known and the origin of mobile formats. It is still in use in many specific mobile verticals. If you are a newbie and wish to learn more, contact us directly. Our approval process is pretty simple, as you can see in this article.
This is a very summarized version of what formats are available in the market and some tips, however we would be more than happy to discuss possible strategies for your specific mobile traffic needs.
More revenue just a click away.
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