Mobile programmatic ad spend rising rapidly

According to the latest report from eMarketer, mobile programmatic advertising is becoming one of the main ways how advertisers purchase media. The Mobile Programmatic Advertising: Grabbing the Vast Majority of US Display Ad Dollars by 2017 report finds that US mobile programmatic ad spend is set to account for 60.5% of total US programmatic display advertising spend this year, at $9.33bn.
Mobile programmatic ad spend outgrowing desktop
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Mobile is also predicted to be the channel with the largest opportunities for programmatic buying, finds a survey by RBC Capital Markets and Advertising Age. Social, video and native formats are all linked to mobile ads and growing simultaneously.
Craig Palli, Chief strategy officer, Fiksu, explains:
craig palli

“A year ago, clients were only doing science experiments in mobile programmatic. They were checking ‘test mobile’ off of their to-do list. This year, we’re seeing the larger brands come in with millions of dollars, because they now realize that if they’re not reaching their consumers on mobile, they’re ripe for disruption for competitors.”

Unsurprisingly, Facebook is taking a core role in the growth of mobile programmatic, given that its “a largely programmatic platform”. eMarketer anticipates that its contribution to progammatic will be significant with mobile revenues to reach $5.89bn this year and $10.32bn in 2017. In addition, publishers have been looking to mimic Facebook’s in-feed design.
Video ads are to play another key role in the rise of mobile programmatic, as the format grows from 12.2% of total mobile programmatic digital display ad spend to 18.5% in 2017.
Video drives programmatic
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Given that the above stats only include in-stream video ads and not native video or in-feed video, the format may carry even more significance, says eMarketer.

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