Mobile pre-roll video ads are better served short

As three-fifths of the UK population are expected to own a smartphone this year and almost 51% of smartphone users and 61% of tablet users projected to use their mobile devices to view video, mobile video ad spending is set to grow. However, adapting content to fit mobile device remains to be a challenge, according to digital video advertising software provider TubeMogul.
The company examined mobile and desktop pre-roll completion rates and found that consumers of mobile video ads are more likely to complete a video the shorter its length. Videos between 7 to 10 seconds have a completion rate of 81%, similar to that on desktop at 84%. However, completion drops to 68% at 11-14 seconds and a further 4% down for 15 second videos.
Mobile pre-roll ad completion falls by up to 21% if longer than 10 seconds
One of the reasons why users still prefer desktop to mobile is screen size. However, TubeMogul findings show that completion rates for skippable pre-roll video ads are 150% higher on tablets than on desktops.
Completion for skippable ads on tablets are 150% higher than on desktops
In December 2014, TubeMogul research found that viewers who saw an ad on mobile devices were generally better at recalling its message (26%) than those who watched the pre-roll ad on desktops (24%). It should come as no surprise, that users who saw the ad both on desktops and mobile devices recalled messages more frequently (28%).
Mobile pre-roll ads account for better message recall than desktop alone
According to the company, mobile interactive video ads which appear in-app outperform linear pre-roll ads on tablets by 19%. Tablets and phones both have click-through rates of 13% for interactive advertising.
Mobile interactive in-app advertising generates the highest completion rates on mobile devices. 
As mobile device adoption continues to grow and performance improves, marketers may find that a combination of skippable ads and in-app video ads are likely to generate higher engagement.

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