Mobile overtakes TV in media time in the UK

Media consumption in the UK has reached a plateau, according to new research from eMarketer. Although people are going to continue to engage with media in 2018, overall consumption is not growing significantly this year.
The forecast suggests that UK adults will spend an average 9 hours and 23 minutes per day watching, listening, reading and streaming media in 2018. However, this represents the first time that time spent with media in the UK is flat.
eMarketer says that UK media consumption may have hit a saturation point. At the same time, the research company acknowledged that a range of different formats including digital and mobile are now leading media consumption, replacing more traditional media such as TV and newspapers.
In 2018, adults in the UK are predicted to spend half their media time with digital sources, whilst mobile will accounts for over 32% of their media time. Thus, mobile is overtaking TV in the UK in 2018.

“The way that people consume media will continue to change,” explained Bill Fisher, an eMarketer UK senior analyst. “Many traditional habits are simply transitioning over to digital devices and platforms, while digital-only habits continue to proliferate. However, what’s apparent from this forecast is that UK adults have reached a plateau. While the media mix may ebb and flow, and it will increasingly flow toward mobile, adults’ media consumption capacity has reached its peak.”