Mobile opt-in in-app advertising is up to eight times more engaging than interstitials

Anne Freier | September 29, 2016

Mobile Advertising

In-app mobile ad platform, MediaBrix, has just released new research which tests user reaction to adverts delivered in two different formats, but using the same creative.
In collaboration with neuromarketing research firms True Impact and Neurons Inc, the study found that opt-in advertising in-app with rewarded features are 8x more engaging, with three times the amount of time being spent with a brand. Brand recall was also higher and consumers held a more positive view of a brand compared to interstitial video adverts.
Indeed, ad delivery matters and driving emotional moments that are meaningful and add value yield a higher ROI.
Ari Brandt, CEO and co-founder of MediaBrix, explains:
ari brandt

“We believe mobile is the most powerful advertising medium of our day, but the industry as a whole lacks research and real innovation to capitalize on it. This research allows marketers to understand the opportunities that lie in mobile and the implications of how we approach consumers there. We’re excited to expand upon these findings and analyze more formats in our mission to build meaningful, coveted one-to-one connections between brands and consumers.”

The research also highlighted that full page interstitial video ads triggered consumers to “flee” twice as often as opt-in ads with viewers fixating on finding the X button 22% of the time. MediaBrix says that adding value to an advertising experience is what makes users hang around longer.
Almost 90% of viewers actually watched a full 30-second video when it was opt-in, compared to just 25% viewing interstitials. Those viewing opt-in ads also payed greater attention to a brand and remembered and understood campaign messages more clearly. 70% of tested respondents recalled a product and 73% recalled the brand offer, compared to 40% and 49% for interstitial ads.
Indeed, embedded, opt-in ad viewers tend to be more motivated.
Opt-in, in-app rewarded ads are more engaging
MediaBrix, True Impact, and Neurons Inc., Get Inside Mobile User's Brains to Test Effects of Different Mobile Ad Delivery Methods (PRNewsFoto/MediaBrix)
Diana Lucaci, Neuromarketing expert and CEO of True Impact, adds:
diana lucaci

“In order to truly understand consumers’ reactions to different ad delivery methods within an app, we decided to go beyond standard physiological data and looked to neuroscience and years of trusted methodologies. What we’ve learned about the consumer’s state in the moment of being approached by a brand speaks to how much a mobile ad can either alienate a consumer or inspire brand affinity. The stakes for marketers are huge here.”

Following the results of the research, MediaBrix plans to educate brands and ad industry leaders on the best way forward and expand towards new formats and partners.

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