Mobile native video ads are proving effective, says Opera Mediaworks and comScore report

Anne Freier | September 18, 2015

Mobile Advertising

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The future of native video advertising is looking bright, as 68% of marketers anticipate an increase to their video budgets until spring 2016. But are mobile native video ads actually working?
A new study from Opera Mediaworks and comScore confirms they are, with marketers getting good results across their mobile-first, purpose-built video campaigns.
Mobile-first native video ads are working
According to the study, native video ads outperformed comScore mobile norms – “the aggregate of mobile ad formats across mobile web and mobile app” – across key upper and lower-funnel brand metrics. Campaigns which followed creative best practices scored better results.
Opera Mediaworks currently works with brands including Adidas, Carls Jr., Machine Zone and Disney, among others, to create mobile video ads. comScore then measures the impact on top and bottom funnel metrics. Sarah Bachman, VP, Mobile Strategy at Horizon Media, says:
Sarah Bachman

“We saw strong results for our native video ads built according to Opera Mediaworks’ creative practices for our client campaigns. Not only did brand awareness KPIs see significant lift but also lower funnel metrics like intent to watch and likelihood to recommend performed extremely well.”

As part of the study, nine campaigns drove a lift of 90% with their purpose-built, native video ads when auto-play was engaged. Mobile advertising recall lifted by six points and consumer perception of the ads as unique was also higher (nine points). Lower-funnel metrics grew five points for intent to purchase and five points for likelihood to recommend.
Upon isolation of the nine campaigns, four stood out. Having closely followed creative best practices, their results were significantly higher, especially in lower-funnel metrics. These four campaigns outperformed the others 3x in favourability, 3x in likelihood to recommend, over 2x in purchase intent and drove twice the mobile ad recall as well as ad uniqueness perception.
Performance lifts across the four campaigns that closely followed best practices for native mobile video ads
Andrew Lipsman, Vice President, Marketing and Insights at comScore, says:

“While we know that not all campaigns are created equal, this study highlights that native mobile video campaigns not only work but can be especially effective when following creative best practices. This fast-emerging ad format shows great promise, but demands a new set of creative skills in order to maximize effectiveness. It’s important for brands to make an impression quickly and engage with the consumer on a more visual level to drive campaign success.”

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