Mobile native ad spend outside of social media growing rapidly

Although social native ad spend makes up roughly three-quarters of native ad spend, non-social native display expenditure is growing at twice the overall growth rate, according to new research published by TripleLift.

Based on data analysed from its Native Exchange, the company projects that despite a decline in non-social native growth, its growth rate was 28% higher than in 2017.

Meanwhile, video now makes up 26% of non-social native ad spend, which is 63% higher than in 2017. Video ad spend is projected to continue to grow over the coming years as the format has proven attractive for audiences and brands alike.

Updated formats such as instant play and outstream video ads have been successfully placed within editorial environments and enhanced the consumer experience.

Native ads have also seen new measurement benchmarks arise. Indeed, clicks are now fairly outdated as measures of success of a campaign. Instead, important in-feed native advertising benchmarks include hover rate, attention quality and interaction according to Moat Analytics.

Native programmatic campaigns were found to perform better for visibility (33%), attention (168%), awareness (68%) and action (133%).

The report further highlighted that mobile continues to be a dominant platform for native ads (48.4%), compared to desktops (45.3%) and tablets (6.3%).

Interestingly, TripleLift noted that native ads were less susceptible to fraud or invalid traffic due to the more curated nature of the advertising format.

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