Mobile Marketing Association releases mobile native advertising report to highlight best practices

Anne Freier | December 18, 2015

Mobile Advertising

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has just released a report that highlights best practices of mobile native advertising for marketers and publishers. The Guidance Report on Mobile Native Advertising shows that mobile native is an effective way to engage consumers. When optimised for frequency of exposure, mobile native ads performed up to 10x better than display ads.
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Sheryl Daija, Chief Strategy Officer, MMA, says:
sheryl daija

“Over the course of the past year, the MMA’s Mobile Native Advertising Committee members have collaborated to share their learning on what makes mobile native advertising stand out to users while matching the form and function of a publisher’s environment. As a result of these learnings and the insights from SMoX, we know there is greater attentiveness to the content, creating a need for different rules and best practices to maximize the performance of mobile native advertising.”

The report identifies relevancy, transparency, optimisation and measurement and provides guidance and steps for both advertisers and publishers.
1. Identify the environments and publisher contexts which are most relevant for their campaign and customize the messaging and format accordingly
2. Spice up the ad creative to catch the eye of the user
3. Maximize exposure by leveraging social and viral trends for advertising in social feeds
4. Identify the direct response metrics and the end conversion metrics that impact their business and optimize campaigns towards achieving them
1. Improve the relevance of the advertising message by using 1st party and 3rd party data to create narrow targeting cuts for native ad formats which blend with the context and visual appeal of their app
2. Build trust with the user by disclosing that a unit is an advertisement along with the name of the advertiser
3. Identify the most appropriate placements within the mobile site to balance content with advertisements
4. Create a more persistent awareness of the ad unit by modulating the refresh rates based on the content type and user behavior
Bob Bahramipour, Co-Chair, InMobi, says:
bob bahramipour

“As the native format continues to popularize as an option of choice for optimal effectiveness, our cross-industry committee sees this as a perfect opportunity to codify best practices for publishers and advertisers alike. By delivering working tenets for mobile native advertising now, we urge the industry to adopt these principles consistently so that consumers will benefit through an industry standard of compelling and material user experiences.”

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