Mobile marketers shift focus to data and see improvements

Anne Freier | February 18, 2019

Mobile Advertising

The majority of marketers (98%) has increased investment in data over the last five years, leading to significant improvements in the mobile marketing results they are seeing, according to a survey by YouAppi.

Speaking to 540 agency marketers, the growth marketing platform for mobile brands found that 97% of marketers saw improvements with half mentioning significant improvements.

The core areas of investment included reporting technologies (81%), in-house data analytics teams (64%), 3rd party performance data (47%), adding data-centric roles to teams (46%) and hiring external data analysis agencies (24%).

Additionally, 96% of marketers stated that their own job duties focused more heavily on data and 57% of them cited the shift in focus as significant. Executives saw some of the most dramatic changes with 62% seeing an increase in focus on data and metrics.

Data reliance is demanding skills development as 96% of respondents find that brand marketers could benefit from adopting performance marketers’ data expertise and 91% for the reverse.

However, the general outlook is positive as 64% of marketers cited no concerns about their employment.

“It’s fantastic to see more organizations take advantage of the skills and expertise that performance and brand marketers bring to the table, and create an environment where these two disciplines can better complement one another” said Moshe Vaknin, founder and CEO of YouAppi. “As marketers continue to invest in more sophisticated data analytics, and find creative ways to make that data actionable, they will see measurable results that connect them in powerful ways to their end customers.”

Furthermore, both performance marketers (91%) and brand teams (54%) expect to invest more heavily into marketing efforts in the future.


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