Mobile marketers are all about targeting user passions next year

Anne Freier | November 25, 2015

Mobile Advertising

Over the last few years, targeting has been a hot topic among mobile marketers. Now, campaigns mustn’t just reach and engage the right users, instead they will have to add value to a consumer’s life. A new study by Hotwire PR reveals that passion-based targeting is a core objective across digital advertising for 2016. The Communications Trend Report based on data from 400 communications businesses in 22 countries, emphasises a shift to focus on consumer value.
Mobile advertisers are shifting focus to user passions
The research also highlighted that the industry isn’t really prepared for mobile ad blocking. It will take considerable effort and time for marketers to distinguish the best mobile formats and establish influencer partnerships to get around ad blockers.
Meanwhile, marketers are also turning to virtual reality as a new channel for an immersive ad experience. Among other key findings, the study suggests that advertisers are going to focus on hyper-local content, creating sets of messages within a single audience. Brands will also become ever more personal in their efforts to reach new audiences and utilise third-party channels to publish content.
David Clare, Account Director, Hotwire and Hamish Anderson, Managing Director at Hotwire, presented the case of software firm Motim Technologies in their collaborative chapter in the report. The company creates immersive mobile experiences that don’t feel like ads to engage users. They write:
david clare hamish anderson

“Motim’s campaigns often utilise the built-in cameras in smartphones to create an enticing experience for the consumer, such as augmented reality or image processing, and there’s no better example than their Pedigree ‘Dog-A-Like’ mobile and Facebook app. Unique facial recognition technology was used to analyze and match the app user’s face to a dog currently in a rescue shelter who most looked like them. As well as sharing their canine match via Facebook, users could also choose to adopt the dog or make a donation to an animal welfare charity. This emotionally engaging experience became a top ranking app in multiple countries, attracted over 15 million users, generated extremely positive brand engagement for Pedigree and increased the rate of shelter-dog adoptions by 13%. The future of advertising is suddenly looking up.”

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