Mobile is pushing growth in programmatic ad spend

According to the latest research from eMarketer, the rise in programmatic advertising spend is being driven by mobile. The analyst firm has forecast that two-thirds of US digital display ads will be purchased programmatically this year to reach $22bn. The increase marks a jump of almost 40% from 2015.
Total programmatic digital display ad spending is to reach $27.47 by 2017.
US programmatic ad spend on the rise
eMarketer found that mobile is driving much of that growth, with spend to reach $15.45bn in the US in 2016, representing 69% of all programmatic display ad spend. In 2017, mobile video programmatic spend has been predicted to exceed desktop.
Mobile programmatic display spend at $21.2bn by 2017
The forecast highlights that much of the focus in 2016 will be on programmatic video, with spending to grow to $5.5bn in 2016 to represent 56% of the total digital video ad spend share. By 2017, programmatic mobile video ad spending is set to reach almost $3.9bn or 51% of total programmatic ad spend in the US. By comparison, desktop video ad spend is predicted to drop 49% to $3.7bn.
Mobile programmatic video ad spend growing 56.8% in 2017
Lauren Fisher, Analyst, eMarketer, says:
lauren fisher

“Programmatic is extremely efficient and unparalleled in its ability to pair rich audience data with ad inventory and targeting. Buyers and sellers are also becoming more comfortable with the technology. As a result, it is being rapidly adopted across a variety of channels and ad formats.”

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