Mobile games marketing platform AppLift introduces lifetime value-boosting DataLift feature

Mobile gaming platform AppLift has announced DataLift, a brand new feature designed to make it easier for developers and advertisers to acquire and keep paying app users, in order to maximise user lifetime value. According to the company, DataLift is the first big-data driven, media buying platform of its type to be used for this purpose.
The platform uses the collected data to automate the process of attracting customers for advertisers. Algorithms look at past campaign data to find optimal combinations, helping advertisers make smarter media buys, while live tracking technology pulls in data from across 50 advertising networks into a central hub. It looks at both RTB and non-RTB advertising inventory.
Tim Koschella, AppLift’s co-founder, said:

“Currently, due to a fragmented and transparency-challenged market, mobile advertisers often fall short of unlocking the full potential of unified media buying at a global scale. DataLift enables advertisers to unleash additional performance by applying our proprietary optimization engine to historical and granular campaign data across all our channels.”

In addition to DataLift’s introduction, AppLift has appointed two new members of its management team, both with more than 10 years mobile, technology, and mobile advertising experience. They will be tasked with product expansion, and driving the company into new growth areas, including wearables, the Internet of Things, and television.
AppLift has offices in Berlin, San Francisco, and Seoul, and works with more than 300 gaming advertisers around the world. Learn more about AppLift by visiting its profile here.

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