Mobile gamers spend more when shopping online

Research by AdColony has found that Vietnamese consumers who are also mobile gamers budget more than non-gamers for their Vietnamese New Year (TET) shopping.

71% of mobile gamers budget over 5 million VND (approximately $216), compared to 60% of non-mobile gamers budgeting less than 5 million VND. Women tend to spend more during the event (60%).

The majority of respondents (84%) were mobile gamers with 21% spending an average 5-8 hours per week playing games, and a fifth playing just 2 hours per week or more than 8 hours in a single week.

Personal care products emerged as the top gifts for family and friends during TET. 58% of respondents gift alcohol.

The survey also noted that females were more likely to shop online than men. Overall, physical retail locations (89%) still outweigh online shopping (64%).

But mobile devices are now being used as the primary devices to discover brands with females trusting digital media sources more than traditional media.

The main criteria for purchasing products that are more expensive than 3 million VND included the brand name (46%), durability (38%), design (29%) and environmental friendliness (18%).

Women are more likely to purchase products because of design, whilst Gen Z wants durable products.

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