Mobile Embrace launches mobile audience targeting capability

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Mobile Embrace‘s 4th Screen Advertising, the mobile ad sales agency, recently announced the addition of PAT (Premium Audience Targeting), the company’s mobile audience targeting tool. PAT lets marketers target mobile users according to context or mobile device type. Clients can create custom mobile audiences to target and engage with.
Mobile Embrace launches audience targeting feature
Sarah Kavanagh, National Sales Manager at 4th Screen Advertising New Zealand, says:

“The mobile ad ecosystem has become increasingly cluttered and increasingly specialised. By using PAT, we’re combining targeted and contextually relevant environments that brand advertisers need, with the most advanced audience targeting that mobile can uniquely offer. One of the key benefits of PAT is that it enables us to significantly reduce impression wastage while maximising engagement with the right audience.”

PAT essentially collects data such as user activity and demographics and combines it into segments. Marketers gain a complete view of a users’ intent to engage with a particular type of ad. With global ad spending on mobile to top $100bn in 2016, advertisers are looking to maximise the effectiveness of their campaigns through audience targeting. They want to target to the right users, at the right time and in the right environment. PAT addresses this problem. Kavanagh adds:

“Brands need to know where their ads running, the quality of the publisher, and the environments where their target audience is most active. Running ads on blind networks comes with risks, especially when ads are placed in irrelevant m-sites or apps – which sometimes leads to a waste of ad dollars. This is why we only work with trusted, premium publishers, offering our advertisers peace of mind because they’re engaging audiences in environments relevant to a user’s unique interests.”

PAT also taps into 4th Screen Advertising’s premium publisher network which consists of 14,000 publishers including NZME, Bauer Trader Media NZ, and MetService to reach an audience of roughly seven million Australians and New Zealanders each month on mobile platforms. In addition, the company has access to quality data through its premium publishers including valuable targeting data. Using App Verify, marketers can also target users based on their interests. Kavanagh explains that customised and targeted ads which are featured in publisher environments offer higher brand visibility. She says:

“For instance, research by Celtra and Opera Media Works shows rich media mobile ads featured on premium advertising platforms generate higher engagement rates compared to standard banner ads that adopt a programmatic approach (at 15.6% versus 0.35% respectively). By targeting users in contextual environments alongside rich media creative, as well as creating the most specific audience segments to sell on premium publishing platforms, audience engagement rates can be powerful.”

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