Mobile drives ad internet growth, according to latest UK Ad Expenditure report from Warc and Advertising Association

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According to the latest report from Warc and the Advertising Association, UK ad expenditure rose 7.5% to £20.1bn.
Internet ad spend increased 17.3% to £8.6bn, with mobile driving 78% of that growth, rising 61.1% to £2.6bn. The report also predicts that total online advertising will rise 11.5%, while mobile ad spend is likely to climb 36.8% during 2016. For 2017, the report foresees an even smaller mobile ad change of 23.3%, most likely due to the saturation of the market.
Mobile ad spend drives Internet ad spend growth this year
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The UK ranked third globally in terms of Internet advertising, following the US and China.
Tim Lefroy, Chief Executive, Advertising Association, explains:
tim lefroy

“The UK is the fastest growing major advertising market in Europe, and its most successful exporter. It’s a tribute to our creativity and technical innovation.”

The data also found that UK ad spend increased 1.08% during 2015, meaning that for every person in the country, £308.56 was spent on advertising during that year.

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