Mobile Content Trends Survey highlights top areas of mobile tech and marketing investment in 2017

Anne Freier | January 3, 2017

Mobile Advertising

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2017 is predicted to be an eventful year for mobile content platforms. That’s according to the latest research from the LinkedIn Mobile Content Group in partnership with marketing agency Big Ideas Machine. The survey of 133 industry professionals across 30 countries highlights the most important areas in mobile for the new year.
When it comes to platforms, mobile phones remain the most important, followed by tablets and the Internet of Things (IoT). Amazon Echo received the lowest priority rating among respondents.
Importance of platform to business in 2017
Indeed, mobile phones are rated to be an extremely important platform to business executives this year (75%), whilst Amazon Echo is viewed as rather unimportant (75%). The majority of respondents also found tablets to be a valuable platform for 2017 (60%).
In addition, VR has experienced some notable growth and is now seen to be as significant as SmartTVs.
How important are the following platforms to your business in 2017?
The research further found data to be a growing trend in 2017. In particular, businesses believe that 4G coverage will be an important factor in growing mobile content revenues this year, followed by cheaper handsets. However, 5G isn’t quite there yet, and though it is still viewed as an upcoming technology, its adaptation lags behind that of 4G.
Meanwhile, wearables and home automation technologies remain low on the list of priorities for respondents.
Importance of technologies for revenue 2017
It comes as no surprise that mobile continues to be a core area of increasing investment for content in 2017. More than 79% of professionals would invest the same or more in mobile. VR is likely to see some notable investments this year as well, alongside IoT. However, wearables are likely to see some investments drop as 19% of respondents said they would invest less in the technology this year.
Platform investment in 2017
Unpaid social media, social media, mobile and content advertising are predicted to receive most of the investments for marketing mobile content in 2017. On the whole, content marketing and SEO skills are likely to experience a lift as more organic channels are being boosted. TV, radio and print continue to be low priorities for spending.
Which marketing channels are you investing in in 2017?
Messenger apps and platforms have generally been seen as an area of growth for 2017. However, the survey highlights that just 30% of respondents plan to integrate a messaging platform this year. Among them, Facebook Messenger remains the top platform (70%), followed by WhatsApp (56%) and Skype (41%).
Messaging bot platforms to be integrated in 2017
James Kaye, Founder of the Mobile Content Group on LinkedIn, explains:
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“Mobile Content has now come to encompass many things, including the millions of apps that are installed on smartphones. We wanted to poll our members to understand more about their attitudes and motivations.”

The research shows that whilst some technologies have matured, platforms such as chat bots and VR are likely to experience a notable shift in investment this year. In addition, the industry appears to be more open to a mix of marketing channels.