Mobile consumption and advertising on the rise in South Africa

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According to a new poll among 5,000 respondents on the IAB SA publisher network in collaboration with media sales agency, The Spacestation, mobile devices have become an integral part of many peoples’ lives, indicating a need for marketers to increase and vary a campaign’s reach.
The survey questioned mobile usage as well as emotional attachment to devices, spending and purchasing behaviours, internet usage, expertise as well as ad effectiveness. Over 78% of consumers now use their mobile devices whilst they’re alone, relaxing at home or in bed, waiting for someone or watching TV. 75% admitted to feeling disconnected from the world without their devices. This shows that mobile is the most intimate form of media, proving a significant emotional attachment.
Mobile device usage throughout the day
However, marketers should focus on adapting cross-channel strategies. Whilst 64% of respondents enjoy reading the news or articles on their mobile devices, 55% also like to do so on other online platforms.
Mobile devices have transformed consumer behaviour when it comes to content consumption. Now, people are able to enjoy live events on the go and receive news updates as and when they happen. This represents a unique marketing opportunity for advertisers to target consumers on mobile throughout the day irrespective of location.
Mobile advertising campaigns are proving effective as long as they are relevant to the consumer (82%). 74% also admit to engage more with creative ads, whilst safety is still one of the most pressing concerns. 81% will click on an advertiser’s link if they know it is safe. 69% of consumers are highly receptive to promotions and deals, whilst 62% will notice an ad if it teaches them something or is generally useful.
Reasons consumers engage with ads
Taking a closer look at the South African market, IAB SA found that 88% of the SA population currently own a mobile phone with 41% of them being smartphones. By the end of 2018, 72% of mobile users will also consume mobile internet on their devices. The country’s online advertising market is growing faster than the global average at 22.7% over the coming five years.
Gustav Goosen, CEO, The SpaceStation, says:
gustav goosen

“This survey is particularly interesting to the local market due to the lack of locally relevant data in South Africa. The results indicate a technology savvy audience of mobile users who expect the content and advertising they are receiving to be seamlessly integrated into their daily lives, and brands not communicating to consumers on all their devices are becoming increasingly irrelevant to consumers.”

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