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Posted: June 14, 2016

This Guest Post comes from Rohit Madaan the marketing manager at Signity Solutions. Signity Solutions offer iPhone, Android, Windows & Blackberry mobile app development services.

Reports and statistical studies at the current day suggest that it is only 1.6 billion people in the world who are using their smartphone to do online shopping. This is the status of the present year 2016. It is assumed that by the time the year 2017 ends almost over 2 billion individuals might be using their tablets and mobile phones for some kind of online transaction or other. In the last few years, mobile commerce has showcased an outstanding development. Through traffic and rates of conversion today, one can see that use of mobile devices has increased extraordinarily. 19% of all retail sales using e-commerce as the mode is made using mobiles in the US. This percentage is predicted to be increasing to around 27% in the year end 2018. (The Statistics Portal, 2014)                

M-commerce Trends


By closely monitoring search patterns and statistics in mobiles it was found that 25% of the total queries made using search engines were made using mobile phones. The percentage of users using mobiles was 58.8% while tablet users comprised of 73.9 %. Almost 42% of people using phones made calls for transactions or business purposes whereas 80% of local searches made using mobiles were converted into transactions.

Gradual comparison in mobile commerce trends in years


Mobile operating systems – Android has a market share of 84.4% and during the third quarter of the year 2014 Android was leading the market in terms of operating system. IOS was the second lead in this regard capitalizing on 11.7% of the global market share. Windows Phone was the third with 2.9% of market share.(IDC, 2014)

Retail through M-Commerce – In the year 2013 revenue earned globally using mobile e-commerce amounted to approximately 133 billion US dollars. It is predicted that in the year 2018 it will enhance and reach to 626 billion US dollars roughly. It is also speculated that the present year 2016 will watch the entire mobile m-commerce market increase to $800 US billion dollars globally. (Ericsson, 2013).

App user trend and patterns – To speak about app user engagement trend over the years it has been researched that in the year 2013 on an average 26.8 apps per month were used by Android and iOS owners. The time on an average they spent on an app was 30 hours approximately per individual per month. The age group which used these apps was in between 25 to 44. This age group is found to be using apps more than any other age group.(Niesel, 2013)

Commercial Mobile Trends for the year 2016


Convergence of the Mobile and Physical World –  Almost 2/3rd of Americans today own a smartphone, desktop, and tablets and they interact and engage with apps blurring the line between the mobile world and the physical world. This has made retailers conscious. Retailers have come up with products which are a combination of the online and physical world. For example online reservations or procurement of goods or services over the apps, same day goods delivery services etc all are recent trends of the year 2016 where making purchases has become seamless.

Social media and Mobiles – Time and again it has been witnessed that there is a big connection in between online mobile shopping and social media. A retailer in the year 2013 earned over $3.3 billion from shoppers using social media pages of products through their smartphone apps. It is a fact that social shoppers spend more on online shopping than others.

Apps Outpaced by Mobile Web – Studies showcase that over 85% of the time users are engaged in their smartphone apps. 2016 mobile trend showcases that brands like Amazon and Walmart who are the topmost two retailers in the US, they drive more than half of their sales through apps. Hence, apps today are a very crucial part in the marketing of products.  As far as revenue is concerned it is only 30% of total revenues are generated by apps. So, still today the mobile web will continue to outpace apps.

More Focus on Mobile Commerce – Reliance on mobiles is maximum for anyone in this world today. Almost 91% of the tasks done are using mobiles. Consumers get in their hands whatever they require at any particular moment. Hene a lot of retailers are focusing on spending more time and effort in understanding the needs of the consumers.  For keeping up with the customer’s requirements retailers are dependent on responsive designs, efficient mobile experience and reliable transaction and payment options. All these together can make mobile commerce the major way for earning revenue for a brand.

Convenience in Payment – There are many retailers who do not work with mobile wallet payment systems.  This has changed positively over the years. In the year, 2016 over 1 million online merchants are mass upgrading their payment gateways and payment accepting mediums. Another worth mentioning step taken by retailers in the year 2016 is payments made using their own apps. Market researchers speculate a major increase in mobile payments in the year 2016 almost to 200%.(Salvesan 2016)

As per social survey made in the year 2015, the market of mobile e-commerce is enhancing to a great extent day by day in the whole world with special momentum in Eastern Asia. Data suggest around 37% of the South Korean population has made some kind of a purchase using their smartphone in a month. The Chinese population also has the name to be active online shoppers. Almost 27% of the Chinese population purchases something or other using their smartphone in the month.

With the advent of advanced technologies, our style of living life is changing. There is today more competition in between the real markets and online markets. Whoever is failing to update them will eventually run out of customers. Mobile usage and tablet usage has today outperformed desktop usage. M-Commerce hence is the trendiest way to procure products these days and in the coming years.

The overall expectations from the mobile market are high for the year 2016. It is speculated that 6 billion stuff will now be more connected to the internet.  This is approximately a 30% enhancement from the last year 2015. No matter what the trends showcases that year 2016 is definitely going to be a year of crucial milestones.

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