Mobile campaigns still lack effective measurement

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According to eMarketer, US mobile ad spend is on track to increase 50% compared to levels in 2014. However, measuring performance of mobile campaigns remains one of the industry’s core challenges.
Research among US advertisers from Millward Brown Digital confirms that almost 80% of respondents would increase spending for mobile if they could measure ROI more easily. Cross channel marketing technology company Signal found that considerably more marketers were able to integrate data on web (88%) than mobile (66%). Email data could be collected and integrated by 76% of respondents, but only 37% agreed that this applied to mobile app data.
The metrics used to measure mobile app ROI are varied, though according to a survey by Econsultancy are dominated by number of downloads (76%), followed by recurring usage of an app (48%) and time spent (41%). The same study found that 38% of advertisers believed to experience good ROI for mobile marketing.
Mobile app success measurement metrics
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InMobi asked mobile marketers a similar question and found mobile ad effectiveness to be predominantly measured through click-through rate (56%), engagement (51%), conversion rate (45%) as well as cost per conversion (40%).
Measuring effectiveness of mobile advertising
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According to Regalix, business users noted metrics such as tracking web traffic (79%), sharing on social media (71%) as well as click-through rates (64%). However, despite these findings, clients are finding it hard to track the differences between mobile and tablet devices, says Econsultancy.
For video ads, FreeWheel found pre-roll video ads in the US to be more likely to be completed on mobile devices compared to desktops.
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Viewability on mobile is also improved when HTML5 display ads are being used, found Sizmek. For email, Yesmail discovered high rates for opening emails on mobile, but low metrics for clicks and conversions.

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