Mobile branded content results in greater purchase intent than desktop ads

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Media company, Mode Media, just released a new study, commissioned from Nielsen, which takes a closer look at best practices for branded content creation. The research, based on a sample of 2,400 women aged 18-44, examines how branded content, such as Mode’s Branded Story product, drives brand impact for ad campaigns on mobile and desktop platforms. It found that branded content is being enjoyed by 81% consumers and brand recall was up to 77%.
Mode Media releases study on content creation
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Branded content on mobile resulted in greater purchase intent than on desktop. Mobile users are more likely (24%) to buy a branded product than those on desktops (19%). That’s not surprising, given that most consumers have a more personal relationship to their smartphones and mobile ads offer a way to target them by time, location and with highly personalised content.
Interestingly, branded content isn’t seen as intrusive. On average, branded stories were perceived as 76% interesting; 70% exciting, 66% natural, 34% excessive and 31% forced. A more natural and immersive approach to such an experience can improve brand metrics.
Indeed, 81% even enjoyed the content they were viewing, whilst 75% were likely to seek out additional sponsored stories and 63% shared ads.
On average, the consumer spends 2.5 minutes with each branded story, which is comparable to editorial content and 8x more than traditional rich media advertising.
Those exposed to a branded message were 21% more likely to make a purchase. Less well known brands scored surprisingly high at 41% purchase intent.
Dan Lagani, President and Chief Revenue Officer, Mode Media, says:
dan lagani

“The one-two combination for branded content success is to combine interesting, helpful, and good ideas with gorgeous creative and credible delivery. This study proves that branded content, such as Mode’s Native Branded Story, is an elegant way for marketers to engage consumers authentically and at scale, while providing valuable insights to marketers seeking to roll out their own branded content campaigns. This is particularly important when reaching millennials, who put a premium on authenticity and creativity, and are inspired by people they can relate to.”

Among Mode Media clients who participated in the study was ConAgra’s Orville Redenbacher’s. Heather Dumford Marketing Director, Media, for ConAgra, adds:
heather dumford

“We see great opportunity in reaching our consumers with better content that does not disrupt their experience but enhances it. This research from Nielsen is a great step in illustrating that branded content offers precisely that. Mode Media¹s Branded Story offers a particularly effective implementation of branded content that we are happy to have had as part of our approach this year for Orville Redenbacher’s.”

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