Mobile Beach Conference 2016: Recap

In this day and age, when companies have a number of robust and easy to use video communication services in their disposal, meetings in person are still what make their business tick in a big way. It’s hard to imagine an IT company that doesn’t use a benefit of a conference to meet its peers in business or end users. Traditionally conferences are being held in big venues in a downtown but with Mobile Beach Conference 2016, organised by Clickky, the story was different.
This past weekend more than 600 individuals from advertising agencies, analytics, app & game development companies, online media and mobile advertising agencies from 11 countries got together to share their knowledge and experience and listen to 37 speakers that delivered keynotes on a broad range of topics. Quite often you could see people sitting in couples and scrapping something on a napkin, like what would be the best way to filter mobile traffic and such. And the kicker was that all that was taking place outside of a traditional urban setup, under the open sky on the Black Sea seashore.
Mobile Beach Conference 2016 participants
mbc2016 participants
The real star of the first day was a speech delivered by Mario Valle, Director Business Development Emerging Markets of Electronic Arts. In this one-hour-long speech, Mario talked about parallels between mobile games development potential in Mexico and Ukraine, their chances to become the next Silicon Valley and the rise of emerging mobile game markets overall. He also touched upon the history of Electronic Arts, his personal story and how Virtual Reality technologies, pun intended, become reality. The Mario’s speech was full of inspiration and believe at the Ukrainian app developers potential to innovate.
Mario Valle on stage of MBC2016
Mario Valle on stage of MBC2016
Also the day was marked by “Programmatic vs manual media buying: which side to choose?” panel, moderated by Clickky CEO Vadim Rogovskiy. The panel was presented by Asaf Hanukaev (Amonetize), James Mansfield (AppThis), Pavel Savinkin (Startapp), Loucas Mourmouris (Minimob), Gennadii Lurie (Rocket10), Matt Krivoshein (Forex Club). The participants were arguing for and against each approach, providing such pros of programmatic one as higher efficiency and potential to increase revenue and cons – issues with fraud, errors when ads weren’t actually shown but advertisers charged for their false display.
Programmatic vs Manual Media Buying panel
Of course the picture of that day would’t be complete if I wouldn’t mention the Mobile Princess competition that delighted all conference participants with its beauty, check out some photos from that part of the event and overall photos taken by participants on Instagram and a Facebook Page of the event.
The second day brought up several interesting keynotes by Head of Marketing at ReaddleDenys Zhadanov, co-founder and ex-CTO of ViberIgor Magazinik, one of the rare occasions to hear about the experience of successful companies from people who put so much energy to propel them up and secure their growth. The other significance of the day to highlight was the Fraud Games panel, moderated by Andrey Stain of Clickky. The question of fraud in mobile ad business is one of the issues that has been gaining attention continuously, no matter how hard companies try to minimise its impact, people on “the other side of the equation” continue gaming the system.
Fraud Games panel
Fraud Games panel at MBC2016 by Clickky
All in all, the second year of Mobile Beach Conference has managed to gather twice as much people as the first year, 600+ versus 250 and the plans for the next year to beat this record and invite about 1,000 participants. It does look like Virtual Reality becomes the next Big Thing, but in a foreseeable feature it won’t be able to substitute a real life communication in person and so MBC, as one of the leading European tech. conference, will be growing for sure.

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