Mobile app speeds are fastest in the Netherlands, UK and France

The Netherlands are fastest when it comes to response time for mobile apps, according to the latest Q2 Mobile Observatory and Benchmarks Report from PacketZoom, the mobile app performance company.
The UK, France and Taiwan follow in second, third and fourth place. Surprisingly, the US ranked only 13th with an average response time of 458ms. That’s just about 20ms better than the global average of 438ms.
Among the slowest countries were Argentina, India and Indonesia.
The PacketZoom report is based on consumer data points gathered from mobile apps globally. The company confirms that its benchmarks are based on actual performance data of mobile apps experienced by real users across 20 countries in July 2017.
In addition to response time, PacketZoom measured disconnection rates for mobile apps. The average percentage of mobile app sessions affected by network disconnections is 7.9%. Among the most reliable networks is Japan at just 3.5% of app sessions affected by disconnections. The Netherlands (4.2%), Canada (5%) and Taiwan (5%) performed also above global average. Among the least reliable networks are Russia (13.3%) and Indonesia (12.1%).
Disconnections are very disruptive to the end user experience and can be caused by a range of factors including driving through a tunnel or various network types.
Shlomi Gian, CEO of PacketZoom, explains:

“Mobile network conditions around the world vary greatly from country to country, which holds great implications for app developers trying to deliver the best experience to their end users. There are a lot of factors that go into app speed and overall performance, and we created the Mobile Observatory and Benchmarks Report so that app developers have the information they need to deliver a fast and effective app experience globally.”

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