The Mobile App Developments Trends In 2017- It’s Going to Be Bigger

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Posted: January 17, 2017


As per the predictions by market experts, this year the mobile applications market is estimated to reach $77 billion. The emergence of new and improved apps will continue to be a norm just like they were in 2016. And, there’s more to it. We will witness augmented experiences and phenomenal trends emerging on the scene. According mobile app development experts at Octal Info Solution, some of the trends that will shape up this industry in the near future are:

1. The Rise of AR and VR:

For augmented experiences, you need augmented reality AR in the core of your app. Pokemon Go and the popularity it garnered can prove this point effectively. Similarly, virtual reality or VR will become crucial for development of live streaming, shopping, and travel apps. Interactive mobile VR apps will become a phenomenon and hopefully, it will be segregated from AR in the citations and discussions as well.

2. Interactive Push Notifications:

This is the most effective method used by the brands to reach their customers. These are short and crisp messages. They exemplify a multichannel approach for reaching and engaging the customers. The best feature of interactive push notifications is that they help the users to take an action even without opening the application.

3. App Integration Will Become Reality:

In the coming year, you will have lesser icons crowding your mobile screen. The apps will be integrated into one another. It will eliminate the need to install too many apps. Hence, the convenience for the users will increase manifold.

4. The Artificial Intelligence Will Enhance:

You can expect a jump of 300% in the investment made in artificial intelligence. This disruptive technology based on advanced data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, and cognitive interfaces will boost the app performances and capabilities.

5. The Internet of Things Will Get Larger:

With the growing number of connected devices, Internet of Things is penetrating deeper into the mobile app development. Almost every industry can benefit from this innovative technology that possesses the potential to transform any business operations.

6. The Rise of m-Commerce:

More users are getting inclined to shop online through their mobile devices. So, m-commerce is ready to overrun e-commerce in terms of scale, accessibility, and preferences. In 2017, m-commerce activities, security, and payments will be augmented by predictive data analysis and wearable tech.

7. Enterprise Mobile Apps Will Evolve:

The BYOD or Bring Your Own Device Model is on a rise among the modern enterprises. They will prefer enterprise mobile apps for streamlining and managing their business operations. The low-code development tools are employed to build enterprise and lightweight micro apps having integrated features and functionalities.

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