These Mobile App Development Trends will Rock in Year 2018

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Posted: December 20, 2017

In the last decade we have witnessed massive transformation in technology with the advent of smart featured gadgets such as tablets, smart phones, potable notepads, iPads, etc. And today we have taken a step ahead with the arrival of web and mobile applications, which have successfully registered enormous success amongst the today’s tech-savvy candidates and are on the way to attain new milestones every day, as the growth is just unstoppable.

A survey reveals that around more than 190 million apps have been downloaded worldwide, while another survey reveals that in the year 2016, around 26 billion iOS based mobile apps and around 80 billion Android based app were downloaded by the user community.  

Now let’s shed some light on the most prevailing trends of the year 2017. To start with, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and other social media applications continue to lead the game, along with Google based products such as Google Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, etc. Prominent gaming applications are also nowhere behind. Now, with this massive escalation in the prominence of distinctive app models, the world will witness some really good changes in trends of Mobile app development landscape, having a huge impact on the associated businesses.

As we are just a few days away from entering in 2018, so as we welcome New Year, we also have to welcome new changes that will be evolving across the globe and will cover the entire mobile app development landscape. With the major one being for the app developers who have to go tough time for getting their apps published on the different app stores existing out there. Fret not, as pre-preparations will serve as a savior.

Hence, here Octal IT Solution is presenting the foreseen trends that are likely to evolve across the mobile app development industries in year 2018. This knowledge will be helpful in many ways as you will be prepared in advance to combat challenges, if any. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

In early 2017, fourth-generation smart thermostat was launched by Ecobee, while in 2018, Nest is planning to release its smart video doorbell, with high-end facial recognition features. With the number of connected devices increasing at exponential rates, no wonder in coming future the ideation of smart homes will be a lot more interactive. However, now the burden on developers is going to increase as they need to come up with robust companion apps so to monitor and control these smart systems and gadgets.

When performing optimally, these apps will be able to help people in getting a truly unified internet of things (IoT) experience. It is expected that by 2021, Internet of Things will turned to be a $662 billion industry, and the trend of creating advanced mobile apps to control IoT devices will be gaining further momentum by 2018.

Wearable Apps to dominate

The coming year of 2018 is going to belong to Wearable Apps and no one can doubt that fact. Smart watches were recently launched by both Google and Apple as both these giants know that their demand is increasing continuously among the users.

The number of Wearable all across the world will reach approximately 350 million in 2010, with sales growing up to 172 million, says the report of the CSS Insight.

When they entered the market, wearable’s were considered as style statements, but today they have become a necessity and proving useful majorly in the healthcare industry. This proves helpful in keeping an eye on a person’s fitness, heart rate and his eating habits.

Intelligent Apps to pave a way

In the year 2017, around 34 acquisitions of artificial intelligence (AI) startups took place. Big names of the tech world, like Google, Apple, Intel and Baidu are taking over exciting & new AI startups and now they are very much focused on developing mobile apps with advanced ‘machine-learning’ efficiencies. We can also say that developers are keener to deliver entirely customized app-usage experience to people based on the user’s preferences. Using AI-powered chatbots, the developers are focusing on the creation of user-friendly conversational commerce environments for e-shopping and m-commerce apps. With Big Data volume continuously rising, special algorithms are being formed so that the available labelled datasets can be analyzed – offering comprehensive insights.

Be it marketing or general businesses, maintenance recommendations or surveillance new-age apps with AI and ML will succeed in finding major number of interesting use cases in next year and even beyond.

Cloud-Based Technologies to Prosper

With every phone having its own limitation of some kind, many a times, smartphone users come across certain issues, with most of them being related to storage and space. Often it happens that because of their phone memory they are unable to store important data. However, now it is easier to deal with this issue owing to the availability of cloud-based mobile apps. Cloud-based Technology, by all means, is all set to rule in the upcoming year.

With CBT, these major issues will be solved as major amount of data is stored in the cloud and this is why users do not have to stress over the phone memory supported by their device. Enterprise mobility is also certain to grow with Cloud Technology and it is also expected that in 2019, the mobile cloud traffic is going to increase by 90%.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

With the wide usability rates of mobile phones and mainly wearable device, mobile augmented reality apps are gaining prominence and are majorly contributing in transforming the education world, where the content is accessed with just a simple mobile scan. Meanwhile, Facebook and Google have a major contribution in the growing fame of virtual reality, as VR based smart phones for sure  will provide an excessive boom in the VR industry. The concept of AR & VR is being used by the end users for entertainment and in the fictional field, like video games and it has witnessed an impressive market share of around $18.9 billion. Being proficient in the concepts of AR & VR mobile app strategies and developmental criteria’s will open up many opportunities for the businesses in near future.

Better App Security

Often users are keen on downloading a particular app, but they end up giving up mid-way fearing about the security factor. Hence, a major number of app development companies are going to largely emphasize on offering a robust security which can successfully appeal the customers. This feature in an app is quite essential and it successfully secures the confidential and private information.

The developers are going to try their hands in developing apps with in-built security, which certainly is a major bonus point.

Location-based services to enhance

In 2017, location-based services made into headlines and as we enter in 2018, the functionality will continue to grow. Now in the coming year, location-based services will be having a lot more exciting features such as real-time location-based advertisements and offers. So far, biggies like Scoopon and Groupon were offering best deal to their app users based on their location, however soon the small-scale firms will also have easy access to this feature.

Soon you might be surprised to see Google and Facebook suggesting you to shop from a brick-and-mortar shops you are searching for, as location specific portals, navigation, and indoor mapping sectors are going to be the major application development trends that is going to contribute in the development of great intuitive apps.

Amid all this, privacy is going to be a major issue, thus as location-based apps and services are developed, a choice must be offered to customers whether they are keen on revealing their location on the basis of the service they are subscribing to.

Mobile App Payment integration will continue to roll

As a number of technology biggies have entered in the market, hence mobile app payments are evolving at a gradual pace. It is reported that in 2017, 1.5 billion mobile wallets were in use all across the world and the trend will continue perpetuate in 2018. Thus, secure and highly-intuitive mobile transactions, integration with POS and similar services are certain to be there.

Final Verdict: Every year we keep coming across new mobile app trends and a new set of technologies being introduced to us. And this also adds on to the responsibility of developers as they are required to stay up-to-date and with the new trends in order to compete and make their mark in the domain.  

And now with 2018 approaching, it is time to sharpen your knowledge more and create apps according to the new trends and technologies.

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