Mobile app CPMs grow 100% as lockdowns are ending

As a growing number of countries are easing out of lockdowns, prices across mobile ad networks are picking up.

According to data from Consumer Acquisition, the social advertising company, CPMs grew 100% to $10 in May, up from $5 at the start of lockdowns.

The findings will be welcome news for app makers selling in-app ads, but less so for advertisers.

Previously, reports had forecast steep declines in app advertising, but it looks as if rebounds are happening much faster than expected.

Back in April, a report by the Wall Street Journal found that Facebook CPMs fell by up to 20% during March 2020 as people went into lockdown.

The study noted that some individual advertisers had seen CPMs rise between 284% to almost 300% from March to June.

Meanwhile, apps using CPIs to monetise their in-app purchases also noted a rise in CPIs alongside CPMs.

A report published earlier this month by Digiday found that publishers were charging higher CPMs as of June again (up 28% over February levels).

This was more noticeable across large social and video platforms including Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube.

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