Mobile app advertisers pay premiums as high as 100% above average for first impressions

Mobile app advertisers are paying premiums for first impressions, which can be as high as 100% of the average eCPM, according to research from Soomla, the mobile ad measurement firm.
According to the Q1 2018: Monetization Benchmarks Report, most publishers only know their average eCPM rates. The report is based on an indepth comparison of eCPMs for first impressions.
Meanwhile, direct deals between publishers and advertising networks usually come with high eCPM first impressions.
The report also noted that monetization providers and advertiser generally employ different strategies to bid for first impressions. Some tend to be more aggressive whilst others are indifferent to the impression sequence.
Games have an overall larger focus on first impressions compared to non-game advertisers. The latter are more indifferent toward first impressions.
Merely a few marketers tend to repeatedly show up among the top 10 across different ad formats and platforms.
Yaniv Nizan, Co-founder and CEO of SOOMLA, said:

“The focus on the 1st impression is becoming critical for app monetization.  When monetization providers and advertisers are paying significantly more for 1st impressions, you need to adjust accordingly.  Our aim is to provide a full scope analysis that will benefit not just app publishers, but rather all parties involved.”

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