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James Cooper | January 28, 2013


Over 2012 Yeahmobi became one of the leading mobile affiliate networks with its tracking and optimization tool,weekly payment and experienced affiliate managers being some of the key factors driving this.  Yeahmobi is a great choice of mobile marketing partner for media buyers, merchants, brands, mobile content companies and app developers.  Now they are sharing some of their case studies of mobile affiliate marketing success stories.  They’ve created a load of mobile affiliate marketing walk-throughs all available on youtube.  If you’ve ever wanted to try out offers in non-English speaking markets or targeting non Tier 1 countries you’ll find a lot of value in these videos.  There is plenty of value to be had in a range of different markets and as an affiliate it’s well worth trying out offers outside of US, Europe and so on.
There is a huge opportunity right now in mobile performance marketing and these case studies can help you make more money.  Hope on this trend now and you could make a fortune!  You can sign-up now over at Yeahmobi and try out some of their offers.

Yeahmobi Mobile Performance Marketing Case studies
Here’s a run-down of some of the Yeahmobi videos – you can find more over on their Youtube channel.

YeahMobi Case Study – Whats App –
This video case studies runs through a mobile affiliate program related to the smash hit app Whatsapp? The offer has the following details:

  • Payout: $1.50
  • Country Targeting: Thailand
  • Device and OS targeting: All
  • User Flow: SMS
The case study shows how to begin a test using traffic from a single network (Buzz City) then optimize for the right handsets and other targeting parameters.

Yeahmobi Case Study – MX Binbit
In this case study the offer is for the Binbit service and targeting the Latin American market:
  • Payout: $1.80
  • Country Targeting: Mexico
  • Device and OS targeting: No Telcel (Carrier), All except iOS
The example here shows split testing between two similar mobile ad networks – Airpush and Tapit.  Airpush allows bids of just $0.01 and Tapit $0.05.  The click through and conversion rate is better on Airpush.   This shows the importance of trying different traffic sources when testing an offer.

YeahMobi Case Study  – UK Secret-
The UK Secret Offer has the following details:
  • Country: UK
  • Payout: $7.9
  • Targeting: IOS and Android, Orange Network
Yeahmobi test three different ad networks – Leadbolt, Inmobi and mMedia and then optimize based on the results.  In the case of Inmobi, traffic from a particular platform (IOS) performs best so the advice is to focus in on that particular pocket when scaling on the Inmobi network.  It’s little tips like this that make these videos well worth watching.

You can find more of these case studies over on the Yeahmobi youtube channel.  To start making money with Yeahmobi you can sign up here to their network.
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