Mobile advertising to account for 24% of total digital ad expenditure in 2015

Anne Freier | September 15, 2015

Mobile Advertising

strategy analytics
Mobile is one of the fastest growing advertising segments and will account for 24% of total digital ad spending in 2015, according to the latest Global Mobile Media Forecast: 2001-2021 from research firm Strategy Analytics. Consumer and ad spend on mobile media is predicted to increase 12% in 2015 and will approach $425bn by 2021. The dramatic rise is driven by strong smartphone penetration as well as expanding data connectivity on mobile and WiFi as well as consumer demand for mobile content.
Mobile ad spend grows 12% in 2015
David Kerr, VP, Strategy Analytics, says:

“The strong growth in mobile advertising is being driven by a combination of factors, which includes increasing consumer dependence on their mobile phones for accessing popular internet services and apps, greater participation by brands and business in engaging users via their mobile phones, and an increasingly mature mobile ad-buying ecosystem, particularly with respect to programmatic advertising.”

Indeed, consumer demand to access sites such as Facebook and Youtube and play games using their mobile phones continues to increase, supported by improved smartphone technology as well as data connectivity.
Nitesh Patel, Director of Wireless Media Strategies, Strategy Analytics, adds:

“Mobile operators stand to benefit from rising demand for mobile data. The total number of mobile data subscriptions will reach 2.3 Billion by the end of 2015 equating to almost half of unique mobile users. Not surprisingly, we are seeing strong growth in emerging mobile data markets, and in particular where smartphone ownership is rising fast. At the end 2015 the Asia Pacific region will account for just over half of worldwide data subscriptions.”

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