Mobile advertising spending 2015-2016 – report finds ad spend increased 103% globally

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According to the new Smaato Global Trends in Mobile Advertising report, global mobile ad spend has been doubling this year compared to 2015. Across the mobile advertiser’s platform, mobile ad spend rose 103% the year over.
In terms of regional growth, the Americas continue to lead at a 130% increase, followed by APAC (80%) and EMEA (54%).
Ad Spend Growth by Region & Top Countries – Q2 2016 vs. Q2 2015 
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The top app category for the largest share of global ad spend was Arts & Entertainment with 27% across the Smaato platform. The category can be segmented further into Books & Literature, Celebrity/Fan Gossip, Fine Arts, Humor, Movies, Music and Television. In particular the Music subcategory benefits from strong younger generation usage and has become the biggest spender on Smaato.
Top 10 App Categories: Share of Global Ad Spending – Q2 2016
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However, the report highlighted that advertisers are increasingly looking to up their budgets in the Home & Garden app category, followed by Style & Fashion. Smaato has measured these according to their command of high absolute eCPMs with high eCPM growth rates. These appeal to more affluent consumers who have the cash to make bigger investments such as luxury items and technology.
Overall, there is little doubt that mobile advertising has shifted to focus on in-app (77%) versus the web.
When it comes to eCPM growth, the US no longer scores first, but still shows strong eCPM growth at 170%. Norway has posted some tremendous growth in eCPM at 765%. Scandinavian countries in general are on the rise. They tend to be early adopters of technology and are very proficient in English which makes it even easier for developers to share their apps. China is also ascending fast and poses increasing value to mobile advertisers.
Global Top 10 Countries Ranked by Highest Absolute eCPM – Q2 2016
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In comparison to the EMEA growth rate of 54%, Scandinavia has been picking up pace a lot faster. Sweden’s mobile ad spend grew at 7x and Norway’s 6x the EMEA average in Q2 2016.
For marketers and advertisers, the Smaato findings may present an opportunity to assess new mobile markets as part of their campaign strategies.

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