Mobile advertising revenue now makes up 54% of all digital ad revenues

Digital advertising revenue grew 23% during the first half year 2017 to reach $40.1 billion, according to a new IAB report. A whopping 54% of that ad revenue was attributed to mobile ads.
A total 253 million Americans were accessing the Internet using a computer or mobile device in June 2017.
However, 66% of time online is now coming from mobile devices. At the same time, the IAB report notes a slight dip in total mobile minutes spend online in 2017.

Among the most visited properties from any device were Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and Amazon.
Naturally, advertisers have followed the trend. However, catching on seems to be happening slowly with a slightly uneven distribution of ad revenue going to desktop devices (46%) compared to mobile devices (54%) when compared to media time.

Interestingly, 39% of Americans said that they’re purchasing decisions for electronic devices were influenced by online ads. Other categories that were influenced by online ads included clothing, dining, grocery and home improvement.
Video advertising revenue saw some of the sharpest increases during the first half of 2017 with ad revenue nearly doubling since 2015.

At the same time, audio revenue on both mobile and desktop devices has increased 42% since 2016. Here, Pandora is the clear winner when it comes to streaming apps and services. Spotify and Soundcloud follow in second and third spot.

Total social media advertising revenue was also up – growing 37% since 2016. Facebook Messenger led as the most visited social media property, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat.
Similar to online ads, social media ads influenced purchasing decisions across the same categories.
Meanwhile, the mobile web versus app debate is clearly in favour of apps. 87% of mobile time is being spent in mobile apps compared to 13% on the mobile web.
Almost two-thirds of US adults are downloading mobile apps, but just 43% of them pay for apps compared to 57% who said that they never paid for apps.

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