Mobile advertising platform Mobile Majority hits $360k in daily revenues

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Mobile advertising platform Mobile Majority is growing rapidly, and has reported its single highest grossing day to date, when it generated more than $360,000 in revenue. It says this increased performance means that in November, it surpassed its $50m run rate target, which suggests it’s ahead of schedule to become a billion-dollar mobile marketing company.
The results were accompanied by other key single day records, including 517 million interactive ads served, and a 76,000 events per minute high. Adding further evidence of expansion, Mobile Majority has recently opened five new offices across America, and has doubled its number of staff to 50.
Mobile Majority’s platform is designed to reduce the need for advertisers to coordinate with multiple vendors, and combines all the tools needed to make, place, and analyze ads under one roof.
Rob Emrich, Mobile Majority’s founder, said:

Rob Emrich

“We see the future of mobile advertising owned by integrated technology companies that can ensure quality throughout the dozens of steps necessary to deliver interactive ads at scale across the entire mobile ecosystem. Right now, mobile campaigns are failing because they require far too many vendors, technologies, and fees. With all our products – both available and upcoming – we’ve created a unified solution that reduces costs and improves results.”

Emrich sees Mobile Majority’s AdSynergy platform as the answer to the above problems. It includes ad targeting, optimization, tracking tools, fraud protection, and more; all of which helps improve viewability at a reduced cost.

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