Mobile advertising platform Leadbolt integrates with Google’s AdMob mediation

Mobile advertising platform Leadbolt now offers its app monetization solutions through Google’s AdMob advertising network mediation. Any publishers using AdMob, Google’s Mobile Ads SDK, or its DoubleClick for Publishers SaaS application will have access to Leadbolt’s monetization products through the Direct Deals Marketplace.
The Direct Deals Marketplace opened early in 2014, and puts app publishers into direct contact with premium ad partners, while ensuring both parties choose campaigns which match their goals. The AdMob integration is good news for app publishers, who can source ads from a wide variety of platforms, and maximize their ad inventory.
Dale Carr, Leadbolt’s founder and CEO, said:

“We are very proud to offer app publishers who are currently using Google mediation, a way to achieve their monetization goals effectively and tap into our high performance Direct Deals Marketplace. Google’s invitation to join as a mediation participant validates the hard work the Leadbolt team has put in to make our monetization solutions best-in-class. We consider the integration with Google’s mediation products a privilege, and it allows Leadbolt to continue to be available to publishers how and where they want us.”

Leadbolt claims optimized partner ad deals made in its marketplace have been shown to produce up to 300% better returns for app publishers. It’s open to apps of all genres. Additionally, combined video and interstitual ads are supported through the company’s SDK, through which publishers have seen a 2x eCPMs return.
Delivering more than 10 million ads per month across 65,000 apps in over 165 countries, Leadbolt counts Disney, Walmart, Baidu, Dominos, Zynga, and Glu among its clients. You can learn more about Leadbolt by viewing its company profile, or visit the site using this link to get a 20% free mobile advertising bonus.

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