Mobile advertising forecast to generate $10b for Facebook this year

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According to research carried out by eMarketer, 73% of Facebook’s advertising revenue will be generated from mobile devices during 2015, up from 65% in 2014, and 45% in 2013. The rise will net the social network a total of $10.9b from mobile ads alone, and almost 1 billion Facebook users will use a mobile phone to view the site at least once a month.
The continued rise is fueled by more of Facebook’s users turning to mobile than ever before. More than 70% of its audience will browse the site on a mobile device this year, and by 2018, eMarteter expects this figure to pass 75%. While this may not be a dramatic increase, Facebook’s overall mobile user base is shown to rise from just under a billion in 2015, to 1.34 billion in 2018.
Debra Aho Williamson, a principal analyst at eMarketer, said:

“Facebook has been a leader in helping marketers to transition to mobile advertising. Because the Facebook experience is basically the same across devices, advertisers don’t have to reinvent the wheel to place mobile advertising. As Facebook’s user base shifts even more heavily toward mobile, it is well positioned to see increasing ad revenues from this channel.”

Proving Facebook is key for mobile advertisers, eMarketer states Facebook users will make up 60% of the 1.58 billion mobile social network users in the world in 2015. The U.S. is the network’s strongest market, and approximately 80% of users will regularly visit the site on a mobile phone this year, making mobile ads responsible for 74% of its U.S. revenue. Indonesia is Facebook’s most mobile-focused region, with 92.4% of its audience accessing the site on a mobile device at least once a month.

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