Mobile Advertising Atlas discover huge differences in app-install advertising leaderboards

Anne Freier | November 11, 2016

Mobile Advertising

sensor tower
The latest Sensor Tower Mobile Advertising Atlas has taken a close look at app-install advertising platforms and found that only few apps overlap across leaderboards for Facebook, Google, Instagram and Pinterest app-install advertisers.
For the top 20 Facebook app-install advertisers, Instagram scored right a the top. That’s not surprising, given that Instagram is a Facebook subsidiary and is embedded in the social media giant’s ad platform.
More interestingly, among the top five advertisers, shopping apps featured strongly with Wish, Mercari and OfferUp. Netflix has also been working to expand its Facebook presence and bolstered its content advertising.
Facebook app-install ads
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Among the top 20 Google app-install advertiser, Google App ranks right at the top. Surprise, surprise. In addition, YouTube was boosted to rank seven whilst YouTube Music now ranks second.
Google app-install ads
Screen shot 2016-11-11 at 9.48.39 AM
For Instagram app-install advertisers the picture is yet again a very different one. Ride hailing app Lyft rose 14 spots to number one on Instagram by share of voice. It doesn’t even feature among the top 20 across all the other platforms.
Meanwhile, HBO has taken a step back. The entertainment company featured as number one app-install advertiser on Instagram in Q2 and has dropped to number 12 in Q3.
Instagram app-install ads
Screen shot 2016-11-11 at 9.48.33 AM
Lastly, Cupshe grew its share of voice significantly across the Pinterest mobile app. The women’s fashion retailer previously ranked in spot nine in Q2 and rose to spot one this quarter.
Overall, fewer brick and mortar retailers ranked among the top 10 on Pinterest.
Pinterest app-install ads
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