Mobile Advertising and App Marketing at Appsworld London 2013

James Cooper | November 21, 2013

Mobile Advertising

Apps World has come to be one of the leading global multi-platform events in the app industry. Now in their fourth year, they reached new heights in 2013 with over 250 exhibitors and 8000+ attendees including developers, mobile marketers, mobile operators, device manufacturers and platform owners. With 12 targeted workshop tracks, speed meeting, one-to-one meetings, parties, and awards the event provided an amazing meeting place for the app industry.
We were there checking out the mobile advertising and app marketing exhibitors and taking the pulse of the industry.  At this time in the year people are starting to get quite tired but there was still huge energy in the air and loads of new emerging solutions and services.  Mobile advertising continues to see huge innovation and the app promotion sector is growing like a weed.
So here’s some photos of some of the booths to give you an idea of who was there and what they’re offering.

Clicksmob is a mobile performance network – they have their own technology platform and doing some interesting things.  They also attended App Promotion Summit London so thanks guys!
2013-10-22 13.50.26
Smaato recently integrated their DSP Adsmobi back into the mothership – good catching up with them briefly and seeing their amazing RTB solution on show – now covering all the DSP, SSP and exchange models.
2013-10-22 14.02.16
Millennial Media
The guys at Millennial had a great booth as always – not seeing much from the Jumptap acquisition at this stage but will be interesting to watch how their solutions evolve – let’s see what’s on offer at Mobile World Congress…
2013-10-22 14.06.39
Adiquity are an ad server focused on the Asian market – didn’t get  chance to chat but looks like an interesting platform – question is how they compete vs Smaato and the rest.
2013-10-22 14.07.08
I was truly amazed at how Mobilda’s proposition has evolved.  Last time I looked they were a mobile CPA network – now offering a load of new app marketing and mobile ad solutions which looked very interesting.
2013-10-22 14.07.26
Our favorite CPA network mobpartner were in attendance – always nice to chat to the fantastic people who work there – shame to miss Marzia though ! They have some amazing global and game distribution solutions now and their technology is top notch.
2013-10-22 14.11.50
Mojiva were showing off their new tablet proposition – for some reason they are still the only network focusing on that.  Always good to chat to Nick Marsh about the market and how its evolving.
2013-10-22 14.12.11
This is a really clever idea – an app marketing network just for Windows Phone.  Really clever – as you can imagine Microsoft LOVE them…
2013-10-22 14.20.14
One of the oldest mobile ad networks out there believe it or not … focused on the adult market.
2013-10-22 14.23.28
Mobile performance network – they have some good offers we’re going to be talking about here soon …
2013-10-22 14.25.04
Maybe the best stand at the show?  They had a great game you could play on a massive screen.  Always good to talk to CEO Emmanuel!
2013-10-22 14.33.50
Urban Airship
Amazon recently announced they are moving into the space Urban Airship occupies (messaging and notifications for apps).  According to the team on the stand though this has actually helped them show the validity of what they’re doing.  Interesting.
2013-10-22 14.44.30
Has Offers
These guys not only power a large number of mobile performance networks but they also run the popular Mobile Ad Tracking service.
2013-10-22 15.29.23
App Gratis
App Gratis were banned from the Apple Store a while ago in dubious circumstances … they are still very much in business though with a huge installed base of users and a growing Android business …
2013-10-22 15.31.08
Matomy media group
Great talking to our friends at Matomy and hearing all about their amazing growth story!
2013-10-22 15.42.35
Massive Impact
Never really 100% sure what their model is but they seem to have great technology and a fantastic reputation.
2013-10-22 15.43.12
The French app marketing experts were around talking about their various app promotion services.
2013-10-22 15.44.19
They run an interesting mobile DSP / ad optimization platform
2013-10-22 15.44.26
They offer a kind of RTB enabled mobile ad service – looks interesting …
2013-10-22 15.45.43
The legendary Fiksu team were there with their programmatic mobile app marketing service
2013-10-22 15.55.48
The Israeli mobile app marketing service was there – shame I didn’t get a chance to chat to them … they were really busy talking to people !
2013-10-22 16.31.43
Another mobile app marketing network we really need to understand more about – great booth
2013-10-22 18.22.15
Our friends at NativeX were there – really interesting hearing about their Native mobile ad proposition. Unfortunately I missed Ythan …
2013-10-22 18.24.19
Distimo were there with their new branding looking really great.  They have some fantastic new solutions and services on offer as well.
Distimo at App summit London 2013-10-22 18.29.03
They were there – not quite as big a production as mobile world congress but they seem to have some new stuff brewing in the app marketing space as well as their core network and rich media business.
Inmobi at App summit London 2013-10-22 18.30.27
That’s it!  Hopefully this provided a bit of a snapshot of the mobile ad market and mobile app marketing ecosystem in 2013.  Looking forward to the next big show at Mobile World Congress!  Thanks to Appsworld for a great event.

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