Mobile advertisers are increasingly focusing on audience segmentation and buying, report finds

It appears that mobile advertisers in Asia are beginning to move their mobile advertising budgets from media buying towards audience buying strategies. According to new research from Asian data firm, Vpon, audience buying will account for 50% of total advertising budgets by 2018.
Mobile audience buying on the rise
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The research also took a closer look at the Sports Fanatics category, i.e. those users who frequently search for and enjoy sports content on their mobile devices. Vpon defines them as consumers who are keen on sports activities, event and equipment. Health-conscious users also qualify.
In Hong Kong alone, the category has shown some significant growth at 46% between Q3 2015 and Q2 2016. It’s predicted to rise another 35% towards the end of the year.
The number of sports and health-oriented consumers in Hong Kong is growing
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So when’s the best time to reach a Sports Fanatic? They tend to be more active on Mondays and Tuesdays compared to the rest of the week and during the early morning hours between 7am-9am, but also during night time (9pm-12pm). Indeed, these are the hours when people have more time to work out or research health-related products and services.
Best hours of the day to target Sports Fanatics
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Interestingly, Sports Fanatics show quite a varied range of other interest. 70% of them also qualified as finance enthusiasts and 47% were found to be interested in cosmopolitan issues, whilst 32% ranked as digital geeks. Hence, marketers shouldn’t restrict their campaigns to target the sports audience segment solely for related content, but instead consider users’ other areas of interest.
Arthur Chan, General Manager, Hong Kong, Vpon Big Data Group, explains:

“It could be obsolete if advertisers solely adopt the media buying originated from traditional media in the digital world. The beauty of programmatic world is allowing us to implement audience buying precisely than ever before. Vpon first collects the mobile users’ behavior from various channels, and then launches the multi-dimensional analysis and tags audience on the basis of their interest through our Data Management Platform (DMP), enabling advertisers to grasp the most potential consumers accurately.”

The overall smartphone market in Hong Kong continues to be largely dominated by Apple and Samsung, which accounted for 80% of market share. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were identified as top performers with the highest adoption rates in June 2016.
Mobile device market share Hong Kong
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Phablet adoption is generally more prevalent among Android users, whilst iOS users prefer slightly smaller screen sizes. However, smartphones with small screen sizes aren’t as high in demand as they used to be. It appears that changing online behaviours, including watching videos on mobile devices have led to users demanding slightly larger screens.
Arthur adds:

“This is an important notice for advertisers. Confronting the immense demand of video from mobile users, advertisers have to be more creative and incorporate more eye-catching elements, such as 360 Gyro sensitive technology, vertical video, interactive video, into an ad in order to enhance users’ ad experience.”

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