Mobile ads reach their intended audiences 60% of the time

Anne Freier | November 23, 2016

Mobile Advertising

Along with the increasing smartphone ownership, mobile advertising has seen significant growth over the last few years and continues to expand. However, this boom in mobile media and marketing exposure has raised some serious questions on how to reach the right audience.
Nielsen has just launched a new Digital Ad Benchmarks and Findings report which takes a closer look at the challenges mobile advertisers are facing in reaching their intended consumer.
Indeed, it seems that marketers may be closing those gaps as mobile advertisers have continued to make significant advances and now reach their specified users 60% of the time, according to Q2 2016 data. That’s an increase of 11% from 2015. This can be largely attributed to improved targeting features offered by ad providers and measurement companies.
Nielsen finds on-target performance across varying age profiles for desktop and mobile
According to Nielsen, this puts the average target for mobile campaigns on a similar level to desktop campaigns.
However, accuracy in ad targeting varied according to demographic groups with desktop ads performing a little better compared to mobile campaigns among the 18-48 year-olds. When the age gap is a bit narrower, mobile ads performed better across the 18-34 year-olds. Here, 63% of mobile ads did reach their intended target audience, compared to 53% on desktop.
Overall, desktop ads had a higher average on-target performance with male consumers compared to females. However, it’s the reverse when it comes to mobile, with mobile campaigns seeing better reach with women.
Among the 18-48 year-olds, 53% of mobile ads did reach women, compared to 50% of men in the targeted audience group. Desktop ads meanwhile reached 57% of men compared to 45% of women.

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