Mobile ads increase store visits by up to 80%, says new report

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A new report from mobile intelligence firm NinthDecimal provides new insights into the influence that mobile devices have on shoppers. Based on data from Q2 to Q4 in 2014, the Mobile Audience Insights Report discusses how the use of mobile phones and mobile advertising are changing consumer engagement. Significantly, the research found that store visits increased by 80% upon viewing a mobile advertising. In addition, 54% of consumers used their mobile devices to shop for products, compared to 46% on laptops. This represents a 59% increase from Q4 2013 to 2014 and shows the growing significance of mobile in our lives.
Shoppers are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to shop
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86% of the 1,535 randomly selected mobile users in this study said they were likely to discover new brands using their mobile devices. However, the impact a mobile ad has on users differs greatly by industry sector. Retail ads performed strongly when the location of the store was an average two to five miles distance of the customer (24%). Consumer packaged goods (CPG) on the other hand sparked higher engagement (13%) at a distance no greater than two miles, whilst quick service restaurants (QSR) performed well (18%) at greater distances of five to 10 miles.
Mobile ads perform differently depending on their location
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Automotive brands have been fast to adopt programmatic ad buying with 49% in ad impressions, followed by big box retailers at 18%. Almost half (48%) of audiences targeted by mobile programmatic campaigns were those already enthusiastic about technology. Generally, advertisers were more likely to target consumers by ethnicity than income or gender.
Automotive is buying programmatic advertising
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The report verifies that standard banner apps are being replaced by rich media and mobile video formats, dropping from 48% to 32% between 2013 to 2014. Rich media formats increased from 40% to 51% during the same term and mobile video climbed to 17%, up from 12%. Rich media formats are favored in QSR sectors, whilst automotive scored highly for mobile video and telecoms brands still use standard banners more often.
Mobile ad types
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The findings prove that advertisers are diversifying their craft, honing in on formats that are more successful than others. Evidently, consumers are now viewing mobile ads for longer, at an average 5.2 seconds more in 2014 than 2013. Video completion rates for mobile ads were also up 31%.